Phobia is the third studio album from the American rock band Breaking Benjamin. It was released on August 8, 2006 through Hollywood Records. Phobia was produced by David Bendeth, who produced the previous album, We Are Not Alone, and who would produce the next album, Dear Agony. Phobia had 3 singles: "The Diary of Jane", "Breath", and "Until the End". "The Diary of Jane" was used in NASCAR '07 and was a hidden track on a rollercoaster in Universal Studios Orlando.

Track listingEdit

1. Intro 1:13

2. The Diary of Jane 3:20

3. Breath 3:38

4. You 3:22

5. Evil Angel 3:42

6. Until the End 4:13

7. Dance with the Devil 3:47

8. Topless 3:03

9. Here We Are 4:19

10. Unknown Soldier 3:46

11. Had Enough 3:50

12. You Fight Me 3:13

13. Outro 2:10

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