The MembersEdit

Current Members

Benjamin Burnley-Lead vocals, Rhythym Guitar(1998-Present)
BB haha

Chad Szeliga- Drums, Percussion (2005-Present)


Kevin Soffera- Drums, Percussion(2004)

Ben "BC" Vaught- Drums, Percussion(2004-2005)

Former Members

Chris Lightcap- Drums, Percussion(1998-1999)

Nick Hoover- Bass guitar(1998-1999)

Jason Davoli- Guitar(1998-1999)

Jonathan "Bug" Price- Bass guitar, Backing up Vocals(1999-2001)

Jeremey Hummel- Drums, Percussion(2001-2004)

Mark Klepaski- Bass guitar(2001-2011)

Aaron Fink- Lead guitar(1998, 2001-2011)

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